Income Inequality and Emergency Management

When each day is a struggle to merely do the basics required of us as people, there is no capacity to take on the challenges posed by a disaster or major emergency.


52 Weeks, 52 Books – Week 5, Book 5

By Jacob Botter So, not only did this one take me a while to get through, it also took me a while to really begin to process and fully understand. This was the phenomenal book about how we think and re-think, titled (appropriately) ReThink by Stephen Poole. This was a challenging read for me because … Continue reading 52 Weeks, 52 Books – Week 5, Book 5

Emergency Management’s Fake News Problem

As someone who is comparatively new to the field of Emergency Management, it has been interesting for me to see the perspectives of others who have been in this industry a long time. I’m engaged in a number of groups on Facebook who specialize in Emergency Management and some of the things I’ve seen are … Continue reading Emergency Management’s Fake News Problem

Skills? Degrees?

Why Emergency Management Should be Paying Attention to this Discussion There was an interesting conversation that happened at the Davos Economic Forum this past week, and it is one that Emergency Management as a profession needs to be paying attention to. Is it more important to hire for skills, or education? It's interesting to see … Continue reading Skills? Degrees?

Code Orange

We don't know exactly how it started, but it continued with breaking of glass, crumpling of metal, and both horrified screams and deathly silence...all at the same time. Shortly thereafter, radios burst to life inside vehicles across the city, while people not that different from you and I rushed to ambulances and fire trucks in … Continue reading Code Orange