Past Projects

These are not the only projects that I have worked on, some of my past projects are bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements. These are the ones I can share in detail about, and will give you an idea of my scope and ability.

Standard Operating Guidelines – Ambulance Service

I was contracted to create an initial set of Standard Operating Guidelines for a non-emergency ambulance service. As part of this project, I created thirty-nine Standard Operating Guidelines, some of which were intended to be implemented in the future. Most of them were crucial to the start up of the business, which is now entering its second year and has more requests for service than it can handle.

Active Assailant Framework – Health Network

I was the lead author and project manager in the creation of an active assailant framework that was to be adapted and deployed to multiple health facilities within a network. The framework needed to be specific enough to provide information, but flexible enough for local implementation needs.

Security Review – Health Clinic

I worked with a community clinic, including its harm reduction section to develop ways to more safely engage with the community and their clients and decrease the risk to staff at the same time. This project included structural as well as procedural recommendations, and resulted in a report and recommendation for their parent organization.

Health Emergency Management Plan

I am the project manager and lead author of the revision of the Emergency Management Plan for a state-level jurisdiction. This project includes a comprehensive rewrite of the existing plan as well as updating annexes and other information to reflect current risk assessment and jurisdictional needs.

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