Sunday Night Life

It would be really easy for me to only post the really good stuff on here. I could rave about work that I'm doing, upcoming events, plans, programs, and all sorts of stuff. But that wouldn't be honest. And that's not the way I do things. When I started in emergency services years ago, I … Continue reading Sunday Night Life


Hope Grows in Our Midst

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on It has been an absolutely brutal week for Emergency Managers around the world. The Ethiopian Airlines crash, fires across Australia and the southern US, and yesterday's shootings in New Zealand...along with all of the other emergencies that didn't make headlines, have all taken up our energy this week. We … Continue reading Hope Grows in Our Midst

Income Inequality and Emergency Management

When each day is a struggle to merely do the basics required of us as people, there is no capacity to take on the challenges posed by a disaster or major emergency.