Simulation Center for Emergency Management Innovation

An answer to the challenge of dynamic and daring leadership in Emergency Management I asked earlier if dynamic and daring leadership could be found in a risk-averse culture like Emergency Management. I spoke of the challenges involved with the Incident Command System, but left the challenge of making change unanswered. I did, however promise you … Continue reading Simulation Center for Emergency Management Innovation


Inclusive Languages

An awesome thing happened this past Saturday night, for the first time in history an NHL game was broadcast in an aboriginal language. The National Hockey League teamed up with aboriginal broadcaster APTN to deliver both play-by-play and colour commentary in Plains Cree. While I am a male of European heritage, I live in Treaty … Continue reading Inclusive Languages

The Intersection of Emergency Management and Social Justice

Photo by Matt Hardy from Pexels “When one man drinks while another can only watch, Doomsday follows.” – Turkish Proverb I was recently involved in a conversation online where I was accused of making social issues into emergency management issues. My immediate response was "Yup, because they are!" Emergency Management and Social Justice interact in ways that are … Continue reading The Intersection of Emergency Management and Social Justice

Looking for Help

I am working on a project that centers around people with disabilities, and how they access and use websites. I am particularly intetested in the use of assistive technologies to make websites more accessible for people with disabilities. If you, or someone you know would like to answer a few questions about this, I would … Continue reading Looking for Help

Smart Homes = Safe Homes?

I have been a fan of The Happy Medic for years, and often find his commentary to be insightful, amusing, and incredibly accurate. I follow him on a couple of different social media websites, and his post from last week about Alexa Alarms got me thinking. As we transition into the new era of the … Continue reading Smart Homes = Safe Homes?