Micromanaging My Life

Doing what it takes to be successful at work and at home.

A blue journal with the title "My Secret Plan to Rule The World" printed on the front.
Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com
I don’t want to rule the world, just my little part of it.

I have ADHD, which means that I have always had trouble focusing on my tasks. This post, for example was started 21 hours ago, and then left with just one sentence until I came back to it today. It would have been a lot more helpful to have finished the post yesterday, but I got sidetracked. It’s kind of an ADHD thing.

This is a new diagnosis for me, and one that I’m still learning about as I move forward with my new normal. The right meds have helped, but if I am to be successful with my new normal, then I need to change how I go about my daily routine. As someone who is juggling a full-time job, a side-gig in three parts, and who wants to still have some time left to enjoy time with his friends and family, staying on top of priority tasks is a major challenge.

For a few months now, I’ve been trying to use a Bullet Journal to help me keep on top of my priorities. I haven’t been all that successful partly because of the challenges with my mental health and sorting out the new post-ADHD diagnosis normal. To be honest, it is more because I haven’t been disciplined about it…to the point where there have been full weeks where I haven’t been able to find the journal, much less use it.

With my return to work pending in a couple weeks, I need to make sure that I have my priorities in order when I go back. My priorities while I’ve been off work have been medication adjustments, self-care, and counselling. When I return to work they will be about making sure I maintain the foundation I’m building now, and making sure that I’m able to do the right things in the right order at the right times.

So, I’ve dug out the Bullet Journal and marking Monday as my new start date, this time with the very first task for every day being “Used Bullet Journal”. Part of my big task will be setting aside deliberate focused time to prioritize on a daily basis. Part of my ADHD (and for lots of adults with ADHD), it is common to start lots of things, but then have trouble finishing them. My wife calls this ADOS, or Attention Deficit: OOH, SHINY!

I don’t know how successful I’ll be, and I don’t know how much it will take to make this stick, but I do know that if I am to be successful in getting where I want to be, then I need to make this a priority!

Wish me luck!

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