Right Meds = Big Difference

Photo by Sunyu Kim on Pexels.com

As an advocate for mental health in all its forms, even those that are less than helpful, I’ve always tried to be open about my own mental health concerns. I’ve been off work for a couple weeks because my anxiety decided to be more of a hindrance than usual. I’ve also been diagnosed with ADHD, though I’ve likely had it my entire life. In the words of my psychologist; “It’s likely just becoming apparent as your mental faculties decline with age.”

Nothing like a psychologist to remind you that you’re approaching 40…

So, after some finagling and sorting out, I started a new medication today. Now, this could be a placebo effect, or it could be the new medication, but today seems to be a complete 180 from any other day I can remember. I’m alert, focused, and feel like I’m able to think clearly for the first time in ages. Everything just seems…sharper…and my mental health seems like it’s in a better place today.

I was explaining this to my wife today and she said “that’s what normal people experience every day” (normal being subjective, of course). “Have you been missing out on that this entire time?” she went on.

I don’t know…I guess so?

This is only day one, we’ll see what happens as I go along, but if this is the way that things will be now that my meds are sorted…I’ll take it!


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