The Resilience Brief

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We are all pressed for time these days. Many of us are working more than one job while still trying to juggle family, friends, and other relationships.  Not to mention trying to find time for looking after yourself. When it comes to doing things to build resilience against disasters and emergencies, it’s almost impossible to consider where to start. That’s where The Resilience Brief comes in.

Every issue of The Resilience Brief will feature an idea on how you can build your personal, familial, and organizational resilience towards those unexpected things that can disrupt a day, a week, a community, a career, or even a life. None of these things will fix everything or can prevent something bad from happening, but they will all make you just a little more resilient.

Come and join the hundreds of other subscribers who are learning a little bit more about resiliency each day, and get subscriber exclusive discounts!


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