One Simple Thing YOU Can do RIGHT NOW to Increase your Resilience

TL;DR Version: Use Coupon Code EPWK19 to save 10% in my store at all this week.

And it won’t cost you a fortune…

All you have to do is get yourself a First Aid Kit. That’s right…a simple, basic first aid kit that you can keep around the house. How exactly does this increase your resilience?

A white metal box that says First Aid Case.
Photo by on

Accidents and injuries happen around the house all the time, and it’s no big surprise that they do. Consider all of the risky activities we undertake in our homes every day, whether it is the simple act of slicing a bagel, or as complex as building a new house from scratch. We injure ourselves in the home at a phenomenal rate around the world.

A picture of the author's finger heavily bandaged after an injury at home
Even I’m not immune…This was either my cheese grater or my mandoline…they both have a taste for human flesh…

So, in order to give you the best deal possible, I want to give you a discount on your next purchase, whether it is a complete First Aid Kit, or just some supplies to restock your existing one, this week you take 10% off everything in my store over at with Coupon Code EPWK19.
Come check it out!


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