Running my Business

There’s a lot of work that goes into running a business like mine, especially while I’m also working full-time and a husband/father. Let’s be clear, family comes first for me, which is why I need my websites (yes, I have more than one) to be as easy to update and maintain as possible. I use the wonderful people over here at WordPress to run my blog and consulting website, while the retail end of my business runs on a different platform. Nothing against the wonderful people at WordPress, but I needed to have a cheaper option for my retail work.

And I found it!

I needed the option to be able to charge people for services in person, online, and to let them purchase retail products through my website. I’ve used the Square Point of Sale platform for previous endeavours, so that was a good place to start (it helped that we also had the hardware from one of our previous businesses). As I looked into the options for an online store that connected with their platform, I happened upon the great folks over at Weebly.

Create your online store and start selling. Try it today at!

Let’s be clear, they aren’t some magic website that is going to make sales for me. In fact, they’re nothing more than a platform on which I can host my store. But, they make my life a whole lot easier by integrating seamlessly with Square. I upload a product to my Weebly website, and it’s immediately available in my Square Point of Sale. This means that whether I’m selling online, or selling in person, all of my details are right at my fingertips.

If you’re considering a website, I would highly suggest either of these two products as an ideal choice. They’re both easy to use, with lots of features included in even the most basic options. If you choose to upgrade, then you get some of the best features in the business.

A word about links and advertising: I use a couple of different monetization methods to help subsidize the work that I do. By clicking on (and maybe purchasing) one of the items I link to, or by clicking on an ad, you help support accessible and low-cost emergency management work. If this site were to fund my monthly costs, I would be able to take on emergency management projects for charities and non-profits at little to no cost. So please, consider using my link(s) to purchase something I’ve written about.


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