Transparency – 2019 Q1

As part of my belief in being open and transparent about what I’m doing and how I’m doing with the financial end of my electronic life, I’ve decided to incorporate a little bit of transparency by showing you exactly what my work has earned me. Right now, I’m doing it quarterly, mainly because monthly just won’t be worth it. On the off chance that this happens to take off and start making me loads of money, I’ll start reporting monthly. But, as you’ll see, none of my online writing is making me much money at all!

I have three main income streams through my online writing:

  1. This Blog – This is where I post most regularly, and currently I’m monetizing it solely through ads. As you’ll see below, it’s definitely not making me any money! In the future, if I decide to accept paid/sponsored posts, I will aggregate my income from these posts so that you will know how much I earn from sponsored posts, but not how much any individual sponsor paid to have their product featured.
  2. Amazon Associates – When I blog about a book, or find a product I really like and it is something that will increase your resilience, I’ll share it here. If you click on that product (which some of you have), and then buy it (which none of you have), I may get a portion of the proceeds from that sale.
  3. – I am a part of the Medium Partner Program, which distributes a portion of fees paid to the site to authors based on how many “Claps” (their version of likes), specific stories get. I only put my best work up on Medium (in-depth stories with good solid background and detail), but so far it is has made me the most money.

There are some portions of my income that are nobody’s business but mine, my wife’s, and Canada Revenue Agency’s. These include income from my online store, income from consulting contracts, and income from my regular job.

So, what have I earned this quarter? (If you’ve made it this far, then you must REALLY be interested!) DRUM ROLL PLEASE!


Yup, the whole $0.38 CAD. I can’t even make a call at a pay phone (do those still exist?)

Here’s how it breaks down…

This Blog

Yup, 2 cents each in January and February, and the whopping 7 cents in March!

Amazon Associates

51 people clicked, but nobody bought :

Medium reports monthly based on when you signed up. I signed up at the end of February, so here is my income for the past quarter.

I’m not doing this for the money. I’m doing it because I’m passionate about building resilience and sharing good quality information with as many people as possible. Why? Because the better prepared people and families are, the more resilient communities, municipalities, states, and nations will be. If this ever starts to take off for me in a big way, then I’ll be able to work for cheap (or even free) to bring resilience to the world, but for now it’s just this blog.

So, thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again in a couple days!


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