Like many people, I’m participating in Earth Hour tonight. I’m sitting in the dark as I write this, doing my token bit to chip in. And, I really do mean token bit. There are no grand gestures here.

The device that I’m writing this on will still consume just as much energy when I plug it in later. My commitment to resiliency means that one of the first things I did was to switch to LED bulbs wherever I could. Like most people, we aren’t diving into piles of cash so we aren’t huge consumers of energy in the first place. So my consumption is just a tiny drop in the bucket.

So why do I bother?

Because my energy comes primarily from coal.

Because my choice to participate signals my public willingness and desire to be a positive force for change.

Because we are already sliding into a post-climate change world and I want to keep as much of the beauty and joy of this world around for my 5-year-old to enjoy.

Why do/don’t you participate in symbolic gestures like earth hour?


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