Sunday Night Life

It would be really easy for me to only post the really good stuff on here. I could rave about work that I’m doing, upcoming events, plans, programs, and all sorts of stuff. But that wouldn’t be honest. And that’s not the way I do things.

When I started in emergency services years ago, I made a conscious choice to only present myself authentically. The “me” that people got when I was on a fire truck was the same “me” they got when I was doing CPR, which was the same “me” they would get if they walked down the street. I chose to be authentic and honest in the things that I do. As I begin to move out of working for other people and towards working for myself, one the things that I am conscious of is that I am only as good as my name and my reputation.

So, what you see here is basically a slightly more professional version of the “me” that is currently sitting on my couch with a drink and my laptop. And to be honest, this has not been a particularly good week for me. I’ve let some things slide that I don’t want to let slide. For the first time (and probably not the last), I’ve missed a self-imposed deadline in my attempt to publish three posts a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I didn’t make a follow-up phone call that I had been intending to, and I wasn’t always 100% present when I needed to be.

Couple that with the chaos of starting a business while attempting to move houses, and with a significant depressive episode that’s lasted for a few days, and it’s a recipe for the need to reset.

We all have bad days. Anyone who doesn’t admit to having them is lying to themselves or to you. We all have families, and work lives, and non-work lives, and all sorts of things that impact on our work…and yet we pretend those don’t exist. So, here’s my deal for you: when we do business together, and life gets in the way of a meeting, or a phone call, or something comes up and a payment or shipment gets delayed; just tell me. We all need to start cutting each other some slack, and start putting people before profits.


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