Uncomfortable Reading

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One of the things that I’m pushing myself to do is to read items that make me uncomfortable. It is far too easy to get caught up in a filter bubble and to only read things that reinforce our own viewpoints (thanks for nothing, Facebook). It’s always nice to read something that tells me my viewpoint is right, but that doesn’t help me grow and expand my viewpoint(s).

I believe in a big tent, one that includes everyone, regardless of whether they believe what I do or not. There’s a paradox coming, so just wait for it…but suffice it to say that I want to hear from divergent viewpoints. I may not agree, and I may choose to vigorously disagree, but I want to hear it.

That paradox I mentioned? It’s this: If your viewpoint doesn’t include and value everybody, if you think some people are worth less…or nothing? If you actively want to kill other people, then your viewpoint has no place in this world. It’s the paradox of inclusion, if we are going to be truly inclusive then we have to actively exclude people with certain beliefs.

So, if you have a suggestion of something you think I should read that will challenge my beliefs, make me think, or to see the world in a new way. Then as long as it includes everybody, I’m happy to hear it…what do you say?

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