52 Weeks, 52 Books – Week 6, Book 6

This was, again, an audio book as well as one that I listened to more for personal enjoyment than for any work-related reason. That being said, one of the reasons I enjoy books like this one is because they propose one possible future. In this case, it is a future that is less likely, but it poses some interesting questions nonetheless.

In Alexandra Bracken’s book, Passenger, a teenage girl is thrust into a world where time travel is possible to a select few through portals that link different areas and eras. Transported from contemporary New York City, back to an 18th century sailing ship (by way of Nassau in the Bahamas), she finds herself the unexpected pawn of a scheming old man, his disenchanted granddaughter, and even her own mother.

Yes, this is a YA novel, and it isn’t particularly deep. That being said, it does pose some interesting thoughts about what would happen to the present if a change was made in the past. This brings to mind the concept of mitigation, and how a small change made today can make a big difference down the road. My choice to turn off all the lights in the house not only saves me money, but reduces my carbon footprint ever so slightly and therefore makes a tiny adjustment to the future.

This then led me to the thought that the work I’m doing, that I’m really passionate about, the work of resiliency building in communities is not work for today. It is work for the future. It likely won’t benefit me directly, and it is an investment in resilience, not a payment. That being said, a little bit of resiliency built now is a little less that needs to be built later, and the interest in this investment will compound to dramatically increase the dividend when the next disaster happens.

A word about links and advertising: I use a couple of different monetization methods to help subsidize the work that I do. By clicking on (and maybe purchasing) one of the items I link to on Amazon, or by clicking on an ad, you help support accessible and low-cost emergency management work. If this site were to fund my monthly costs, I would be able to take on emergency management projects for charities and non-profits at little to no cost. So please, consider using my link(s) to purchase something I’ve written about.


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