My name is Matt…

…and I’m an imposter.

No, really: I am!

At least I feel like I am. But that seems to be fairly common. I’m lucky enough to serve on the board of directors for my Provincial Emergency Management association, and at a recent meeting we were all discussing how we all feel like imposters at one point or another.

Including the PhD with a number of highly praised research projects under her belt.

Including the extremely well-respected business continuity professional who’s name is included in the credits of various standards for our industry.

Let’s be honest: at some point or another we all feel like imposters, especially in a developing field like Emergency Management. There’s no single recognized credential for Emergency Managers, like there is for doctors. Some of us have letters after our names, while others have gathered knowledge and information through lived experience or self-study.

Who am I to say which is better, there’s no independent standard to measure it against. There’s a number of competing organizations that offer certifications or accreditations, but they don’t all conform to the same standard.

So, for the moment…I’m an imposter. Would I like to see an independent standard against which to measure Emergency Managers? Absolutely! Am I willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars per year to be accredited by separate organizations? Not a chance.

I’m still an imposter, though every so often I feel like less of an imposter. Once in a blue moon, I feel like I know what I’m talking about…maybe.


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