52 Weeks, 52 Books – Week 2, Book 2

I actually finished this a few days ago, but haven’t had the time to write the post that this book deserves. Science and the City (or SATC as Author Laurie Winkless refers to it) is exactly the kind of book I hope to write one day. It is a very accessible and fun read that takes us into all of the critical infrastructure and interdependencies that make urban living in the 21st century possible.

By exploring the different ways in which all of these infrastructures are connected and interdependent, Laurie very ably walks us through the needs of today’s urbanites, gives us a good understanding of where each of them came from, and where they might be going. This book is a couple of years old now, but it is still full of important information for anybody who lives in an urban area, or has ever wondered just what goes into keeping a city running.

I found all sorts of little tidbits in here that I didn’t know before opening the covers, and some of the areas that these technologies are moving towards are incredibly fascinating. I’m a very big fan of some of the food technologies that she mentions, especially anything that brings fresh food closer to the point of consumption. It’s great that my veggies can be picked in California or Mexico (or even further away from Western Canada) on Thursday, and be on my plate on Monday, but I’m not completely comfortable with the distance my food travels. I also question the sustainability of continuing to use carbon-heavy transportation to move food around the world, but that’s a question for people who are smarter than I.

This is a great book, and well worth the read (or to add it to your library!) You can pick up a copy through the link at the top of this post, or at your local library.

A word about links and advertising: I use a couple of different monetization methods to help subsidize the work that I do. By clicking on (and maybe purchasing) one of the items I link to on Amazon, or by clicking on an ad, you help support accessible and low-cost emergency management work. If this site were to fund my monthly costs, I would be able to take on emergency management projects for charities and non-profits at little to no cost. So please, consider using my link(s) to purchase something I’ve written about.


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